Why the newest JuzTalent 3.0 is the solution for you

What Is JuzTalent?

What is JuzTalent and why should I care?  For those who have been missing out, JuzTalent is a simple, secure and swift Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) that is able to simplify, shorten and successfully handle HR functions such as payroll, leaves and so on.

What Is in It for Me?

Especially with the current covid-19 situation, more and more companies face unprecedented issues with on-premise softwares due to restrictions in movement. This means that workers may have to head back to the office and risk incurring fines to run the company’s payroll in advance so that salaries can be disbursed accordingly. On-premise solutions also usually require manpower to be physically present for maintenance and/or upgrading of software. With JuzTalent, you can access HR services anywhere as long you have a device that has access to an internet connection. You can also eliminate the risk of incurring fines as we maintain and run JuzTalent with our own dedicated team of maintenance specialists that keep JuzTalent running with our backend servers. We will also schedule periodic updates online so that we can continue upgrading and making our service better for our customers.

What’s New in JuzTalent 3.0?

At JuzTalent, our team of developers have worked long and hard to make a JuzTalent app that will allow users to have an even easier access to HR functions.  At JuzTalent, our team of developers have worked long and hard in creating JuzTalent’s very own IOS and Android app that will allow users to have an even easier access to workforce and payroll functions anywhere and anytime.

The latest JuzTalent 3.0 will have two improved solutions which are eTime and ePayroll. They will be able to  achieve better Performance, Scalability and Availability. Upgrades include but are not limited to the following:

1. Downloadable in IOS and Android
2. Radius GPS Tracking with Geo-fencing
3. Overtime and punctuality policy
4. Customized user role and permission
5. Import timesheet functionality
6. Open API, ability to integrate with 3rd party software

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