Webinar Series 3 Singapore: Here's What You Missed

In Singapore’s addition of AYP’s interactive webinar, the CEO & Founder of AYP Group and Executive Director of AHDO will share how they have successfully digitalized their businesses, transformed their business processes and sustained business continuity during the circuit breaker period while adapting to the changing business dynamics amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They will also further discuss in depth on ways businesses can better support their employees even as their organisations are girding for the economic slowdown ahead.

Guest Speaker, Eddie Lee, is a seasoned transformational strategist with extensive experience in business and workforce strategy, talent acquisition, performance management, total rewards, learning & development and people analytics.

Adaptation to Working From Home

Performance should be the main priority. Mindset has to shift from thinking of the number of hours worked, to actual project accomplishments and deliverables. Many still measure productivity based on hours as this is supposedly the easiest way. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many to shift their mindsets. This also depends on the company and industry, as there is no one-size-fits-all. It is a complex issue and HR has to step in to determine who is needed onsite, and who is not. Data security and storage are important and companies need to consider these.

Future for Business Travel

There is currently no total restriction on business travel. However, this depends on the country as well.  Returning to Singapore may be a hassle as there is a mandatory 14-day stay home period which has to be served at a hotel. Should a business wish to conduct travel, they have to factor in the cost of this. Currently, if expansion of your company is not urgent, it should be held back. Many places require some time in order to get approval from government officials and as such it would make more sense to wait.

The Future of Job-Seekers

In the future, jobs may not be restricted to single roles, but broken into tasks as well. For example, in the HR Sector, there are general roles, but these can be broken into sub-roles. These can in turn be broken down into tasks. Moving forward, for example, a HR person may not necessarily be hired for a HR job. There is going to be a lot of diversity in job functions, and skillsets are now important. One must ask themselves which skillsets can be transferred to various roles easily. If done well, one does not need to be restricted to only one role.

When do you think Phase 3 Will Happen?

I don’t think anyone really knows the answer to this. We are currently looking at whether or not we will have a vaccine. This is what is the most important at the moment.

How do you digitalise your business?

I frankly don’t really recommend taking shortcuts. It’s important to look at the goals and strategies of the organisation before recommending solutions. It shouldn’t just be from a single perspective, it should be a decision made by the organisation as a whole. Find out what grants are available from the government and see if this can be tapped into to help your organisation. Consultants can also be hired to give you tailor-made solutions.


How Are you a sustainable business?

I look at what the available technologies are. Free trials are often available and you can test one out to find a suitable one for your business. Start with small changes here and there based on capabilities. If this is successful and productive, I can then ramp up these changes. I embarked on referral programs as I found these to be more effective. With that being said, webinars are also a free and effective marketing tool I have been using. Ultimately, it is about how to market yourself while saving cost and maintaining good cash flow. Be creative in finding solutions.

Should Candidates Take Up Traineeships?

This is based on what options they have. It’s always better to go out and get a skillset, even if it is a temporary job.

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