Time Management Software can be a company’s greatest asset

Time Management Software - Company's greatest asset

No amount of money is able to buy a company extra time in a day. All things considered, time is one of the most valuable, yet scarcest, resources of any companies. To help ensure the best use of their employee’s time, from scheduling duty rosters to approving overtime, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Time Management Software was created. All in all, adopting such time-tracking software is beneficial in so many practical ways.

Effortless Tracking

Employees who are usually on-the-go may not have access to a computer or laptop. Time Management Software is accessible from any compatible devices. For instance, employees can access the software simply from a mobile phone using an internet connection. Therefore, employee’s attendance, clock in and out timings are all at the supervisors’ fingertips – in real-time.

With the absence of Time Management Software, time theft can easily go unnoticed. To prevent tardiness, employees may ask co-workers to clock in or out for them. Hence, companies should utilize the software’s technology to cope with “buddy punching,” a common problem that often plague the HR department. The software snaps a photo of the respective employee who has clocked in or out. Consequently, this is verified by the supervisor.

Easy Planning and Control

Meanwhile, with this software, employers may have easier time in scheduling employees’ duty rosters. It allows supervisors to set work shifts and plan duty rosters easily. Therefore, it prevents scheduling conflicts on an online time-sheet. Just think: Not knowing if the employee has taken leave makes the planning of the employee’s roster very challenging.

With a Leave Management Software integrated with the Time Management Software, the relevant HR personnel can plan duty rosters that do not clash with the respective employees’ leaves.  Furthermore, an overview of the duty roster facilitates scheduling that matches the company’s manpower requirements without over- or under-utilizing employees.

The software provides employees with convenience in viewing their duty roster on their own devices. As such, employees have the liberty to verify their past attendance records and hours worked. Additionally, the software’s timestamps guarantees that employees’ shift and overtime hours are accurate. As a result, the employees’ sense of time management and personal accountability is increased.

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Tedious consolidation and data entry of time sheets or punch cards into the payroll system are every administrator’s nightmare. However, with this Time Management Software, this could be a thing of the past. It reduces the manual workload and eliminates the need to double check data entries. Even with a small number of employees, manual data entry is able to divert attention from the essential or strategic tasks, let alone a company with a growing number of employees—where the sheer amount of time on manual data entry simply makes processes inefficient. Additionally, not only is manual data entry tedious, it is susceptible to human error or omission. Online timestamps eliminates difficulty in reading the illegible handwriting on the time sheets. For instance, deciphering the number “0” from “6”.

In a company with multiple shifts, manually keeping track of overtime pay is very demanding. With so many figures to calculate, it is inevitable if the administrator makes an unintended mistake. Therefore, the formula in the software tracks exactly when should overtime payment be disbursed. The integration of Time Management Software with Payroll Management Software ensures that employees are rightfully compensated for approved shifts and overtime.


In Singapore, companies have to follow the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Employment Act. With ease and accuracy of calculating wages and overtime pay, administrators have to make the right payment on time. This simple, efficient and accurate software prevents employers from getting into the wrong side of the law that may deprive employees of their well-deserved pay. Any labor dispute can be mitigated well.

Increasing Cost Effectiveness

Lastly, administrative costs for time-sheets and punch cards increases with the number of employees. The increased productivity and convenience, as well as the reduced non-compliance risks, offsets the costs associated with the software. Moreover, this software does not require a complicated installation and is compatible with many devices of the company’s choosing. The Time Management Software is a worthwhile investment as your organization’s very own time-keeper. It does what it is called – Managing the company’s time so that HR management can better utilize it on other tasks. Make the shift from impractical manual time sheets and punch cards to the efficient SaaS Time Management Software.

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