The Impact of Automation on Mundane HR Tasks

In order to be optimally productive, Human Resource (HR) departments need to find a way to be optimally productive. HR functions when performed manually can be time-consuming and inefficient. Many functionalities in the workforce have been automated thanks to advances in technology, and HR is no exception. The automation of HR functions can help save plenty of time so that the HR department can focus on more important tasks at hand. As such, automation of HR functions has been gaining popularity over the years, especially in the digital day and age that we are currently in. Automation has left its mark on HR and impacted it greatly, read on to find out how.


One of the major roles of the HR Department is in recruitment. It is the main goal for HR to recruit the right people for the job, who not only have the appropriate skills, but who will fit well in with the company’s culture. However, looking through a slew of resumes and cover letters will no doubt be time-consuming. This task is much more efficiently carried out with automation. A high-tech HR system can automate the recruitment process by picking out the suitable resumes based on keywords or skills necessary. This allows the human effort to be saved for the more important parts of recruitment that automation cannot carry out, such as the interviewing process which still requires a human touch. Automation has cut the process of picking out resumes short, making the hiring process much more efficient and time-saving. 

Performance Management

Performance management is an integral part of good employee management. Not only does it give employees the feedback and appraisal they need, it gives them a greater sense of purpose and direction. However, gathering the measurables to carry out performance appraisals can be difficult. Automation allows the gathering of data to be automated, as many reports are automatically generated. As this makes performance management much easier and faster to measure, it is much easier for management to determine any areas of improvement that need to be worked on within the organisation.

Payroll Management

The workforce has evolved to include not just full-time employees, but part-time ones and freelancers as well. In order to maintain trust and satisfaction from employees, on-time payroll processing is pertinent to businesses. Automation of payroll processes allows for seamless payroll processing that is both accurate and compliant, without the HR or payroll department having to break a sweat. Automation eliminates the chances of human error and ensures that payroll management functions accurately and seamlessly. 


Onboarding processes are a necessity in every company. It forms the first impression that employees get of the company, and can be the deciding factor of how long an individual chooses to stay in a company. Long-winded onboarding processes can be a bore to newcomers and do not leave the best impression. This is especially as millennials who are more technologically ept are entering the workforce, an onboarding process that aligns with this is needed. Automation allows for employees to complete their own onboarding tasks at a faster rate, so they have more time to get adjusted to their surroundings. 

Reduced Costs

Many businesses who have implemented an automated HR system have reported saving time and overall costs. The automation of manual tasks saves time and the elimination of human error improves accuracy and efficiency, all of which are important for a business to reach its optimal productivity level. 


Automation is an inevitable part of the digital age and advancements in technology. It completely transforms how a workplace functions and its levels of accuracy, productivity and efficiency. While automation can be daunting and confusing to many HR professionals at first, it works wonders for many businesses once one gets familarised. Getting a keen understanding of what your business is lacking in is a good start to the automation journey. Empowering the HR department through the automation process is a rewarding step for many businesses, and can boost productivity like never before. 

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