Debunking Common POM Misconceptions

Debunking Common POM Misconceptions Payroll outsourcing can do everything for you from calculating pay and tax deductions, to processing and producing monthly payroll reports. Running payroll can be time-consuming and when done in-house, can be prone to inaccuracies. There are also a lot of potential legal implications, should any miscalculations arise. For these reasons, many

Payroll During A Pandemic

Payroll During a Pandemic – And How JuzTalent Can Help Over the years, payroll vendors and practitioners are constantly urged to adapt to both societal and technological changes. Developments in the human resources and technology departments often lead to a great deal of change within payroll practices. This has been further accelerated by the COVID-19

Debunking Common Payroll Outsourcing Myths

Debunking Common Payroll Outsourcing Myths As the year draws to a close, many companies have started thinking about making preparations for their year-end taxes. However, as with any other form of tax preparation, this is often seen as a burden and a huge chore. Miscalculating year-end tax can also result in some pretty hefty fines

The Biggest Perks of HR Technology

The Biggest Perks of HR Technology In the digital day and age, many aspects of our lives and work are always changing. With the advancement of technology, Human Resource (HR) Technology has gained popularity as well. However, some businesses might be hesitant to invest in HR Technology as they may view it as “expensive” or

Common Payroll Mistakes (And How JuzTalent Helps You Avoid Them)

Common Payroll Mistakes (And How JuzTalent Can Help You Avoid Them) Payroll processing is an essential for pretty much all companies. A smooth payroll process is necessary, and can be seen as somewhat of a backbone to an organisation. With that being said, payroll can be a challenge for the Human Resources (HR) Department to

JuzTalent, and How it Can Solve Your HR Woes

JuzTalent, and How it Can Solve Your HR Woes We are now living in the digital age, where everything is fast-paced and constantly accelerating. With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, many departments have taken advantage of this and made use of technology to assist with their daily workload. Human Resources (HR) is no stranger

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