Payroll During a Pandemic - And How JuzTalent Can Help

Over the years, payroll vendors and practitioners are constantly urged to adapt to both societal and technological changes. Developments in the human resources and technology departments often lead to a great deal of change within payroll practices. This has been further accelerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic, which has caused significant change in the workforce. In order to keep up with changes, it is important to know how these changes have affected our current practices. By now, you would have heard plenty about the affects the pandemic has had on human resources and its functions. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic has made its own mark on payroll practices. Here are some ways in which a payroll software system can help you during this challenging time.


Reduction of Operation Costs

One of the most glaring benefits in outsourcing your payroll, is the reduction of operational costs for your organisation. Payroll Software Services have the experience and resources to carry out payroll processes of the best quality. A POM would generally be able to achieve levels of accuracy and efficiency that an in-house team is unable to match. In-house payroll processing also typically requires plenty of manpower and data or filing space. In the long run, these are hefty areas which many organisations may either be unable to unwilling to invest in. Additionally, you benefit from removing any other underlying costs that accompany payroll processing. This includes incorrect calculations, legislation non-compliances or legal fees from missing tax deadlines. 

By engaging payroll software, you save yourself a lot of overt and hidden costs. During a pandemic, organisations are bound to want to tight their belts, and save as much as possible. A POM reduces the operational costs of payroll processing as well as the costs of accidental non-compliance, which goes a long way during a pandemic.


Access to the Experts

When it comes to payroll processing, you obviously want this to be as accurate and compliant as possible. What better way to ensure this than by getting in touch with the experts? A good payroll processing system is generally experienced in the many areas of payroll such as reports, taxes, or any other necessary contributions. When you choose to outsource your payroll, you gain access to a secure data system as well as valuable knowledge from experienced specialists, which cannot be easily replicated in an in-house payroll system. This is especially needed during pandemics, when legislations or government regulations can change at any given time. A source of experienced and reliable payroll expertise is no doubt helpful when times are uncertain.

Outsourcing your payroll gives you access to a bunch of information and advice provided by esteemed experts. This helps you avoid the impact of unintentional non-compliance by your organisation, as well as ensures that your overall payroll processing is done so accurately. Support from experienced professionals decreases risks and gives you the peace of mind you need during trying times.

Adds Value

Payroll processing goes beyond just filing for taxes and processing employee payroll. In fact, payroll outsourcing is a service that adds significant value to your organisation. Payroll software can provide you with detailed payroll-related reports and payslips, which provides transparency and clarity regarding the entire process. Payroll analytics is important as they can help your organisation make wise, informed decisions based on the data collected. For example, it can help you determine the organisation’s expenditure annually or monthly, or even help you manage resources better. As an added bonus, these are often processed quickly, in just the click of a button.

The real-time and detailed reports provided by payroll software helps you to better understand the organisation’s expenses, as well as identify trends and patterns that may affect this. Ultimately, this can help you make better decisions for the organisation and better manage resources and expenses. 


The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed many areas of the workforce. The good news is that pain points such as payroll processing or compliance can easily be solved by engaging a good, reliable payroll software. JuzTalent’s ePayroll function enables you to process payroll quickly and compliantly. It also provides you with all necessary reports and documents, along with itemised payslips. 

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