HR Software in the Philippines: Expectation vs. Reality

Advanced technology has disrupted the traditional method of carrying out basic work functions and Human Resources (HR) is no exception. Companies are beginning to realise the importance and value of cloud-based solutions, especially when it comes to payroll and other basic HR Administrative tasks. Such software connects human resources and technology, and is designed to plan, control and make effective HR-related decisions.

Increasingly, companies in the nation are engaging HR Software to implement and administer HR Tasks. The use of such software saves time and is cost-effective. As HR Software gains popularity, prospective clients will have certain misconceptions of utilising such software. Here are some common expectations of HR-related software, and the realities of these.

  • HR Software is not user-friendly

It’s safe to say that currently, technology is the most advanced it has ever been. While many have adapted easily to this, there are others who have a harder time adjusting. Some may feel that learning to use HR software might be difficult. This is more common for organisations with a relatively high number of older employees. While some may think that HR Software is too complex, this is not the case.

HR software such as JuzTalent is developed to be used by employees. With that in mind, such HR Software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to learn. Simple functions like payroll processing and claims can easily be done in a few simple steps that can be taught to the employee in no time. Leave can be applied for quickly and without hassle. While some may be intimidated by advanced technology, HR Software is often designed with the users in mind. For HR Functions to be carried out smoothly and efficiently, the software being used must first be user-friendly and this is something that developers take into consideration. For the most part, systems such as JuzTalent are comprehensive, and can be learnt within a matter of minutes. If you are someone who is worried that HR Software may be hard to use, fret not. 

  • HR Software Causes Loss of Human Touch

A common belief when it comes to technology, is that it makes users lose personal, human touch. On the contrary however, technology helps you connect more with those around you. The use of a HR Software does not break human interaction but rather, helps to smoothen the process. It helps to eliminate misunderstanding by providing employees with information about the company and its people that is accurate and easily accessible at any given time. HR Software does not exist to replace an actual HR Team. Rather, it makes the team’s work easier by adding convenience to day-to-day, mundane tasks. As a result, the HR Team will then have more time to establish a bond with employees and prospective employees. This means that the HR team will then have more opportunities to build rapport with employees, as well as pay more attention to welfare and wellbeing. This includes organising bonding activities for the team, and providing more engaging onboarding programs for new employees.

With JuzTalent, employees are able to carry out self-onboarding. This means that employees are able to independently manage and update their own online profile. The system also enables employees to easily view the profiles of their fellow colleagues through a user directory. As such, the employee will be able to better adapt to the organisation. Furthermore, they will be able to adapt to the workplace and learn about their colleagues at a faster pace, as they now have a better sense of who is in the team. All in all, such a HR System ultimately leaves more time for the HR Team to engage with employees more. Contrary to popular belief, the use of a HR System will help to improve interactions between employees instead of taking away from this.

  • HR Software is Only for Large Organisations

Smaller businesses may feel that HR is not necessary for their organisation. Many feel that the implementation of such systems is only suitable for larger entities with more employees. However, this is not the case. HR is highly important for both small and large businesses alike. Having a system by which employees can manage and access their leave, claims and payroll adds a world of convenience to the way a business is run. Implementing such a system adds efficiency and promotes productivity regardless of business size. 

Especially for smaller businesses, cloud-based HR Software is especially suitable. This is because such a software is more flexible, and allows for customisation and adaptability. Systems like JuzTalent are cloud-based and allow you to customise services and functions to suit your needs. This allows you to pick out the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to meet your needs. Regardless of business size, the implementation of a HR Software adds efficiency and convenience to the way your organisation functions. 

HR Software goes above and beyond to provide assistance and functionality to an organisation. Integrating HR Software into your day-to-day HR Functions can boost overall productivity within your organisation. It also ensures tasks are completed accurately and on time. While there are many expectations and misconceptions about HR Software, many of these are inaccurate. One should not pass on the advantages of a HR Software just because of a few myths. Systems such as JuzTalent provide convenience and are incredibly cost-effective. We understand your needs, and ensure that you get the best solution possible regardless of your problems, or business size.

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