The Top 5 HR Processes You Should Automate

Top 5 HR Processes you should automate

Behind every successful business is an effective Human Resource department. The following is a list of HR processes you should consider to automate, and accelerate your HR productivity.

1. Self-Service Employee Profile Management Application

With a self-service employee profile management system, you can make optimal use of available human resources. It entails a high degree of customisation after a simple setup process. Subsequently, you can update and manage employee information efficiently. Moreover, a streamlined information updating process can significantly reduce the chances of manual error or loss of data.

2. Time Sheet Tracking

What projects are your employees working on this week? More specifically, how much time did they apportion to each project? Tracking and validating time spreadsheets are usually arduous and inefficient. In addition, it can often lead to disputes and confusion among employees. Therefore, automating time sheet approval processes simplifies data collection and validation. Altogether, it saves the HR department from the trouble of manually updating employee records.

3. Leave Administration

One in every two HR personnel finds automated leave requests compelling and necessary. Cumbersome leave requests and untraceable emails make it difficult to approve employee leave requests timely. HRs automate leave requests approvals through assimilated workflows and the instant update of employee leave records. Approve, track and manage employee leaves on-the-go.

4. Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system streamlines and enhances your entire recruiting process. Recruiting, interview, hiring, and onboarding new employees can be an considerably costly and stressful process. An ATS or integrated talent management system streamlines the process by identifying talent gaps in your organization. Additionally, it foresees the types of job roles your organization have to ultimately fill. Job postings are simplified, and automatically sorted and filtered to sieve out the best prospects.

5. Payroll Processing System

Payroll processing software helps to speed up every aspect of your payroll process with a range of automated features. It frees up your time to create added value for your business. Moreover, automating your payroll system grants you access to a concrete payment history by storing digital payslips and generating periodic reports. Compared to manual payroll processing, an effective payroll solution can minimize the margins of human errors. The system can always pay your employees on time according to the parameters that you set.

All in all, HR process automation have benefited many human resources professionals all over the world in streamlining HR processes, enhancing communication, tracking down tasks to completion, minimizing errors as well as foreseeing the course of organisations.
Unquestionably, it is what you and your organisation should set out to try and accelerate HR productivity.

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