Launch of Juztalent ePayroll in Indonesia

Launch of ePayroll in Indonesia

In recent events, we are thrilled to announce the successful release of Juztalent’s ePayroll in Indonesia. We are delighted to hear that many clients have expressed satisfaction in our product.


With its fast-growing economy, rising affluence and large domestic market, Indonesia is an attractive investment destination. The government has been reviewing regulations and altering business laws to create a favourable business environment and a level playing field for foreign investors. However, frequent regulation changes can lead to complex payroll processing and error-ridden calculations.


With ePayroll’s intuitive and comprehensive interface, there are greater opportunities for a technology-driven payroll administration platform for local businesses and foreign investments in Indonesia. ePayroll is developed by an expert team of IT developers and software engineers in Juztalent’s headquarters situated in Singapore. They are highly trained solution architects with a wealth of experience in designing HRIS, payroll systems, penetration testing and workforce analytics.

Payroll Regulations

Due to the sheer amount of information to account for, staying compliant to payroll regulations in Indonesia can be daunting. Unless your company fully understands the legal regulations and specific procedures, it is advisable to hire a third party. For instance, these are some policies to adhere to during payroll processing in Indonesia:

• Regional minimum wage that Varies according to province, district and sector
• Social Security (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan)
• Health insurance (BPJS Kesehatan)
• Leave regulation and statutory absence
• Religious holiday allowance (THR)
• Monthly (PPh 25, PPh 21) and Annual (Corporate Income Tax, Individual Income Tax) Taxation
• Monthly (ND-7, ND-8) and Quarterly/Yearly (TT-11, (TT-11(1)) Tax Reporting

ePayroll accounts for all of these policies accurately and seamlessly. ePayroll has pre-built analytics and integration tools for businesses operating in Indonesia. Furthermore, it is also highly capable of data cleaning for analysis, and maintaining data validity and reliability. Company settings, detailed settings and rate settings are available to capture complete sets of data. In addition, company reports such as BPJS, payroll and pay history are specified according to the country’s requirements. ePayroll clearly displays business intelligence and statistics through informative charts and tabular formats.

Local support

On top of that, we too have in-country expertise in Indonesia legal regulations and labour laws. Local support, coupled with an efficient and error-free system, will help you steer free from costly legal hassles. Juztalent’s ePayroll is now readily available in Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. Should you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us! We will get in touch with you in no time.

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