Real time monitoring

Effectively monitor and making sure that your employees are coming in on time and taking days off properly. Keep track of employee hours worked, leaves and overtime without the fear of human error

Self clocking

Use Juztalent’s e time clock in selfie to prevent clocking in and out fraud. No worry over buddy punching by viewing the employees photos, clock in and clock out time through the dashboards

Time Stamped to Perfection

Record employee timestamps accurately every second with Juztalent’s eTime. Pay your staffs correctly for what they worked for


Easy scheduling

eTime allows supervisors to effectively assign resources to the respective tasks/ project. Our smart design allows comparison between the employees clock in data with the employee rooster to ensure that employee hours are always corresponding to the employee rostered hours

Overview Shift Calendar

Supervisors are able to take full control of employee work shifts and any other arrangements. Employees are able to have better time management. No more unplanned absences

Auto OT calculation

Simplify the process of overtime pay calculations. Compute employees’ overtime hours automatically. Minimise errors and omissions in overtime calculations


Duty Roster Approval

Supervisor to schedule employee transitions according to budget and availability and to inform employees immediately

Easy time & attendance monitoring

Increase efficiency with an automated time & attendance system, and synchronised time clocks. Track employees’ working hours, leave, time-off, and overtime hours seamlessly

Comprehensive reports & data analytics

Generate reports to monitor time metrics and indicators


Flexible Choice of Hardware

Use eTime with any devices such as a mobile devices, tablets, laptops or computers. Bringing the same quality features across the devices

Integrated with Payroll, Leave

Synchronise eTime with ePayroll and eLeave software


Schedules Processes

Company attendance statistics monitoring

Multiple view shift calendar

Clocking system

Working Hour Report

Duty roster approval

OT calculation

Custom Rates for different Festive

Attendance Reminder

Auto Recurring Shifts Scheduling

Clocking Report

Approval Report

Attendance Email Notification

eTime integrated with ePayroll

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eTime - How it works

Only a few steps for your time managment generation! This is as easy as it gets

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