Online Approval

Employees can simply apply claims directly through eClaim and attach supporting documents. It is then automatically routed to the approving manager

Claim Management On the go

24/7 365 web-based access to apply and approve claims from any device with an Internet connection


Flexible claim policy and application makes claim management straightforward

Intelligent Workflow Engine

eClaim will automatically route each claim submitted to the appropriate managers via email. eClaim allows up to 2 tiers of approval, routing seamlessly from one manager to the other


Claim types and entitlement are customisable to suit your unique requirements

Easy Budget Management

Claims applications and supporting documents are easily tracked and managed. Auto deduction feature helps to ensure that employee claims are within their limits

Streamline approval procedures

Claim requests and confirmations are dealt with promptly. Both the employee and the supervisor will receive email notification when the claim is requested , approved , rejected or modified


No more unwanted error

It takes more effort and physical space to keep track of paper documents , to find information and to keep details secure. Say goodbye to huge stacks of paperwork


Claim reports can also be generated for business decisions and corporate finance purposes.


Department Claim Approval Workflow

Customer Support

Receipt Attachment

Claim management integrated with payroll

Supporting Documents Submission

Multi-currency exchange

Claim Report

GL Report

Manage Claim Disbursements

Export bank files for bank transfer

Tax Amount Input

Flexible Claim Approval Workflow

User Bulk Upload

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eClaim - How it works

Only a few steps for your eClaim generation! This is as easy as it gets

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