HRIS-A Necessity

HRIS - A necessity for organisations

Significance of HR and supporting technology

The role of HR and supporting technology have been increasingly important and indispensable for organisations. For a considerable span of time, HR needed to pick up recognition at the higher level. However, they lacked the system to demonstrate the extensive impacts people management can have on business processes. Today, HR advancements provide employees and higher management with a deeper understanding of organisation qualities, values, strengths and weaknesses.

Lack of reliable information

For a long time, HR attempted to show how people investment benefits the organisation. However, crucial information was basically not accessible. This is owing to the HR department storing only the fundamental data of employees: Dates of birth, addresses and so on. Particularly, for HR executives that sought to present their improvement plan at board level, this presents a real limitation. Meeting room discussion typically focused on numbers, facts, and figures. Therefore, without precise and reliable information to back up their claims, HR executives frequently struggled to convince those at C-level that their proposals were truly advantageous.

Traditional role

Traditionally, HR technology was thought to be a tool designed, purchased, and executed exclusively for the HR department. In addition, programming frameworks helped HR to complete procedures more quickly and precisely. Thus, they were without a doubt helpful for HR executives and were generally recognised as added value to the business.

Modern role

As HR practices developed and become more digitized, the quality and amount of information stored by HR technology improved as well. With significant data management and automated features, HR can utilise Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for organisation resource planning. All in all, being able to handle resource management with clear and accurate insights is not just a competitive advantage. It is completely necessary.

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