Eco Friendly Employee P-file

Reduce your paper usage to migrate your files to digital file cabinets. Keeps your file organized just as you had them physically, and it eliminates duplicate printing, minimizes risks for loss of information.

Employee Self Onboarding

HR can customize a list of onboarding task for each new hire. For example, assign tasks such as setting up email address for the new joiner and many more.The newbies can also be assigned to upload their own necessary documents, as well as complete the paperwork online. Further, eProfile helps every employee to get introduced quickly with welcome emails and team introduction. Goodbye boring procedures!


Asset Management

Track company’s property and maximize the return on those assets, which includes equipment, tools, vehicles, and more. This greatly saves cost and increases efficiency of your business.

Workforce Analytics

Take disconnected data and brings it together to bring about a shared understanding, build a collaborative relationships with leaders in other groups within the organisation. Say hi to more effective organisation planning.

User Drive

Upload documents into eProfile and get it shared. Provide electronic storage space for authorised users. File sharing can be shared to just one person, a whole department or even the whole company.

Event Reminder

Announce company new hire for this month as well as employees’ birthday and anniversary with the organisation. What a brilliant way to manage the employees’ emotional wellbeing!


Our user-friendly design allows you to navigate around the system easily

No Installation

100% online, hence no complicated set up and do not require any downloads. The set-up progress is effortless and straight forward


With a mobile-optimized screen, you will be able to access and run eProfile via your mobile, at anywhere and anytime

Exceptional Committed Support

Talk to our friendly employees via hotline, email & live chat should you require any assistance. We are here and always ready to serve you


Workforce Analytics

Eco Friendly Employee P-file

Employee Self On boarding

User Drive Storage

Asset Management

Event Reminder

Customer Support

Customised Report

User Bulk Upload

Custom User Roles

Organization Chart

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