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Transform your organisation with E-HRM

Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition, and Employee Productivity. These are the 3 cornerstone metrics that HR should definitely examine. It is important to understand employees in order to get the most out of them. More importantly, it’s essential for the integration of various teams across departments and business functions in an organisation.

Because people are the most important asset in any organisation, eProfile was created to help organisation manage employee information and performance effectively. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Employee information

At the most fundamental level, employee profiles should contain basic information which includes personal information, key contact details and organisation hierarchy. Ideally, all of these data should be available from a common HR source. This implies that the employee database is a definitive source of contact information, and users are assured that the data is accurate. Thus, employees can utilise the database to search for what they need conveniently and effectively.

2. Drive Strategic Business Decisions

eProfile coordinate HR administration tasks throughout the HR life-cycle, from when the employee enters the organisation to when the employee leaves. This end-to-end perspective of employee information gives higher management a holistic view of operational information. Hence, information search for decision-making is less demanding. Additionally, integrated HR software across your organisation can provide precise information for an effective execution of HR tasks. For instance, utilising HR software might help organisation stay away from administrative blunders across different department and software. This is often difficult to pinpoint in a scattered framework and can even lead to cash flow problems and wasted time.

3. Improve Employee Experience

Sharing employee profiles for onboarding and throughout the tenure with the organisation can help maintain relationships with employees. This significantly decreases turnover. The ability to effectively update employee information, view salary history and manage claims from an integrated HR management software can give employees peace of mind and improve productivity rates. In addition, employee welfare schemes and benefits can also be easily accessed.

4. Strategic Hiring

Integrating hiring efforts, for example, job descriptions, applicant tracking, pre-work evaluations, employee referencing, and drug testing can guarantee that you’re bringing amazing talent into your organisation. Furthermore, information taken during the selection and onboarding process can be imported into their employee profile. Hence, this facilitates information use in different areas of talent management. As a result, this alleviates tedious data entry and reduces the risk of clerical errors.

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With the simple intention of centralizing HR tasks, we have came up with eProfile. It creates promising impacts to any organisation. This is in terms of how much would an organisation would gain from effective people management and integrated HR solutions. Contact Juztalent’s consultants for attractive pre-order pricing.

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