With many processes being automated, ePayroll offers you a fast and flexible online payroll system. Our intuitive 3 step process makes it easy and fun to run payroll.

Comprehensive Payroll Report

With just a few clicks, you will have a completed payroll report. The report can be downloaded in excel.

Smart and Accurate Calculation

Our advanced calculation engine is able to cater for a wide variety of pay structures, so you won't have to do the manual calculation yourself.


We know that reimbursements can get messy. So we have an automated payroll system software that automatically credit salary to your employees' bank account.

Auto Labor Regulations Inclusion

You will no longer need to keep track of new legislative changes. Our system will automatically update to ensure that your payroll calculation is always compliant with regulatory requirements.


Nobody likes a system that does not cater to their needs. ePayroll knows just what you want.

Payslip Scheduling

Advance scheduling of payslips. If you were to run your payroll in advance, rest assured that your employees will still receive their payslips on the scheduled date.


Customisable payslip templates to suit your specific business needs.

Electronic Payslips

Generate payslips for employees and send them via email. Our itemised payslip is government compliant and is available in PDF format.


Our user-friendly design allows you to navigate around the payroll management software easily.

No Installation

100% online, hence no complicated set up and do not require any downloads. The set-up progress is effortless and straight forward.


With a mobile-optimized screen, you will be able to access and run ePayroll via your mobile, at anywhere and anytime.

Exceptional Committed Support

Talk to our friendly employees via hotline, email & live chat should you require any assistance. We are here and always ready to serve you.


Export bank files for bank transfer

Payroll Detail Report

Annualize Report

Total Paid Out Report

Prorated Salary Calculation

Flexible Payment Mode

HDMF Submission And Calculation

BIR Submission And Calculation

Employee Report

Detail Report

Pay History Report

Recurring Payroll Item

Flexible User Selection

Payroll Analytics

User Bulk Upload

SSS Submission And Calculation

PHIL Health Submission And Calculation

Integrated with eClaim, eLeave and eTime

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ePayroll - How it works

Only a few steps for your monthly payroll generation! This is as easy as it gets

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