Payroll Journey - The Singapore Style

Payroll Journey: The Singapore’s Style


Free On-Demand Webinar | Singapore | 11 May 2020, 11 – 11:45AM (SGT)


On 11 May, AYP Group and JuzTalent held their 2nd ASEAN payroll webinar series called “Payroll Journey – The Singapore’s Style”.

This was a 45 minutes webinar, a sharing session to almost 50 attendees who are either payrollers, HR personnel or attendees who would like to learn 
1. Singapore’s Payroll rules and regulations (CPF, Overtime, Pro-rated salary, statutory contributions and etc.)
2. What is needed in an itemized payslip
3. Payroll Process Chart
4. How to process payroll within 10 minutes using JuzTalent


During the Singapore’s ePayroll webinar, there was overwhelming of questions asked from the ground. As such, we have picked up Top 10 questions and written down the answers which you can also take it as a reference point: 

1. Will there be penalty if we do not want to donate to Ethnic Fund Contribution?
>> If you do not wish to contribute to any Ethnic fund you are eligible to, you have the choice to opt out of the Ethnic contribution and submit it to your employer

2. Is there a penalty for late submission of IR21 of resigned employee?
>> There is a penalty up to 1000SGD for late submission of IR21.

3. What does workmen and non workmen mean? 
>> “Workmen” refers to blue-collar workers who operate machinery and vehicles or are involved in manual labour, such as cleaners, construction workers and labourers. “Non-workmen” refers to white-collar workers who are not in managerial or executive positions, such as clerks and receptionists. 

4. For the salary calculation, must it be “1st” till “End of the Month”?
>> For the salary computation is based on the no of working days in a month.

5. Is it illegal to work two full time jobs in Singapore?
>> It is not however it still depends on your contract and the agreement between employee and employer. 

6. What kind of report should I submit if I have an expat employee?
>> Employers are require to file IR21 for non-Singaporean Citizen employees when their employment ceases.

7. Are there salary item types that can be OW and AW? If yes, how will I differentiate it I will use OW and AW for that salary item type?
>> Yes, for example, Overtime can be classified as OW & AW. Overtime OW refers to the work done within the current month and Overtime AW it refers to the work done for the previous months.

8. What is the Standard CPF treatment for Overtime?
>> OW refers to the work done within the current month, AW it refers to the work done for the previous months.

9. How do we classified the fixed allowance?
>> Monthly fixed allowance are always under OW. 

10. When to File the Form IR21?
>> All IR21 should be filed one month before the cessation date.


Our Singapore’s payroll powerpoint is also available for download >> AYP x JuzTalent – Payroll Journey – The Singapore Style

If you have further questions pertaining to Singapore’s payroll, tax, employment contract or how JuzTalent can assist, feel free to email us at either or We are here to help and we hope we can value-add you and your company in some ways. 

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