Webinar Series 1: Payroll Journey - Malaysia

In the month of May, AYP organised our first series of webinars which were centred around payroll regulations in various countries around the ASEAN Region. This included rules and regulations, statutory contributions and how JuzTalent can help companies in the various ASEAN regions with processing and organising their payrolls. This webinar series was hosted by experienced in-house AYP staff, who have extensive experience and knowledge in the payroll process. If you’ve missed out on this webinar but would like to find out more, then read on and be sure to be on the lookout for our other upcoming webinars.

The next episode of our webinar focused on the payroll journey in Malaysia. The guest speaker for this was Alina Toi, the AYP ASEAN Payroll Team Lead with three years of working experience in her field. Alina leads her team into providing responsive and accurate payroll services to customers both internally and externally.

Rules & Regulations: Salaries in Malaysia are to be paid once a month, within 7 days after the end of the salary period. Pro-rated salary is also paid for any incomplete month worked, according to the number of days worked by the employee. Overtime pay is also provided for any employee working overtime, and holiday pay for those working on holidays. This is usually two days’ worth of wages.

Statutory Contributions: These monthly payments must be made on or before the 15th of every month. Statutory contributions include SOCSO Contributions, EIS Contributions and PCB contributions. These are calculated according to a fixed percentage, according to the salary earned by each employee.

Taxes: Taxes are calculated to deduct tax-exempted benefits such as meal allowance, gift vouchers and insurance premium. Individual income taxes are to be filed by the 30th of every month if done manually and the 15th of every month if done electronically.

How Can JuzTalent Help? JuzTalent ensures the accuracy of payroll processing, along with compliance and timeliness to any regulations that need to be followed. Statutory submissions and government claims are well taken care of, along with annual income preparations and salary dis-imbursement. Clients send in their instructions to the AYP Payroll Team for processing. The payroll is then checked through twice and sent to the clients within two working days. Juztalent ensures that all taxes are filed and payroll processed accurately and quickly.

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