Payroll Journey - The Malaysia Style

Payroll Journey: The Malaysia’s Style


Free On-Demand Webinar | Malaysia | 11 May 2020, 4 – 4:45PM (MYT)


On 11 May, a Monday afternoon, AYP Group and JuzTalent held their 3rd ASEAN payroll webinar series called “Payroll Journey – The Malaysia’s Style”.

This was a 45 minutes webinar, a sharing session to almost 40 attendees who are either payrollers, HR personnel or attendees who would like to learn 
1. Malaysia’s Payroll rules and regulations (EPF, Overtime, SOCSO, EIS)
2. Income Tax
3. Payroll Process Chart
4. How outsourcing your payroll advantage you and your team

Also, we have posted out the questions and answers asked during the Malaysia’s epayroll webinar, so here it is: 

1. What’s is OPR?
>> Ordinary Rate of Pay – means wages whether calculated by the month, the week, the day, the hour or by piece of rate or otherwise which an employee is entitled to receive for the normal hours of work for one day

2. Is there any penalty if there’s a late payment of salary?
>> Yes, the employee can file a complaint by sending an official letter to the Labour Department and they will review the case. 

3. What are Malaysia’s overtime rules on Weekends? 
>> OT weekends is computed as follows
a. Not exceeding half his normal hours of work: 0.5 x ordinary rate of pay (half-day’s pay)
b. More than half but up to eight (8) hours of work: 1.0 x ordinary rate of pay (one day’s pay)
c. In excess of eight (8) hours: 2.0 x hourly rate x number of hours in excess of 8 hours

4. How many holiday day paid in the Malaysia?
>> A minimum of 10 paid holiday days are prescribed by the Malaysian Labor Law.

5. Are foreigners subjected to the statutory contributions as well?
>> Foreigners are not obligated to contribute but they may op to do so

6. What are the regular working hours in Malaysia?
>> Regular working hours in Malaysia is 8hours/working day

7. Which payments are subject to EPF contribution? 
>> all monetary payments that are meant to be wages are subject to EPF contribution. i.g salaries, Payments for unutilised annual or medical leave, Bonuses, Commissions

8. For child relief in PCB, is there an age limitation for the child? also, is there a maximum number of child for this relief to be applied?
>> “Age limitation for child would be 18yrs and above that is still receiving education and is not married
This tax relief is allowed for child care fees for a child aged 6 years and below, paid to a registered child care centre or registered kindergarten. The maximum claim for this relief is restricted to RM1,000 even if the number of children who are eligible for this care exceeds one.”

9. Is there any exemption or not eligible for EIS Contribution?
>> Only those over the age of 57 and have never contributed to SOCSO are exempted from this protection plan.

10. Other than monthly payroll report, what else can our company, AYP Group provide to client?
>> We can provide the statutory report. (CP39, EPF, SOCSO)

Our Malaysia’s payroll powerpoint is also available for download >> AYP x JuzTalent – Payroll Journey – The Malaysia Style
or you may visit to rewatch the whole webinar again.

If you have further questions pertaining to Malaysia’s payroll, tax, employment contract or how JuzTalent can assist, feel free to email us at We are here to help and we hope we can value-add you and your company in some ways. 

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