JuzTalent to be a Supporting Payroll Software for AIS

JuzTalent has been working towards being an AIS-supporting payroll system. AIS stands for Auto-Inclusion Scheme, and  the vendors who support this facilitate employers’ preparations and submission of all employee income records. As such, the system has had to go through a validation test in order to be listed as a supporting vendor. This validation test ensures that all approved software systems are compliant with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore’s  (IRAS) technical file format as well as its specifications. We are happy to announce that we are one step closer towards achieving this goal. 

There are many qualifications that need to be met in order to be listed as an AIS-Supporting system. This includes but is not limited to the ability to process compulsory Central Provident Fund (CPF) Contributions based on rates, age group and residential status. Others include supporting data items in the necessary file format specifications and providing adequate access right controls. Furthermore, suited vendors are required to be able to back up payroll data and allow users to generate submission summaries, reconciliation reports and verification reports. Security-wise, only authorised users should be able to perform direct API Submission. Clear notifications have to be sent to users regarding errors, or details of all successful submissions. 

As we constantly strive to improve ourselves, we are very pleased to be working towards this goal. Being AIS-Supported means that we are becoming increasingly competent in providing for any and all of our clients’ needs, which is a significant goal for us.

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