JuzTalent, and How it Can Solve Your HR Woes

We are now living in the digital age, where everything is fast-paced and constantly accelerating. With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, many departments have taken advantage of this and made use of technology to assist with their daily workload. Human Resources (HR) is no stranger to this, and HR Software is on the rise. It is no secret that certain HR Tasks are not only time-consuming but can be prone to human error if done manually. Thankfully, HR Software helps plenty with this. Software such as JuzTalent is perfect for adding convenience to your HR Tasks, increasing accuracy and productivity. Here is a breakdown of the various components of JuzTalent, and the ways in which it eases up arduous HR-related tasks. 

What is JuzTalent?

In a nutshell, JuzTalent is a HR Software, which helps with HR-related tasks. If we were to expand past that, JuzTalent is a product of the major shifts in how HR Departments have developed. Not only does JuzTalent add efficiency to daily HR Tasks, it reduces unnecessary manpower and gives employees more autonomy. It also provides accurate, legally compliant monthly payroll and tax calculation reports. The various functions of JuzTalent are divided into five components. Namely, eProfile, eClaim, eLeave, ePayroll and eTime. Read on to find out what each component does, and how they can solve your HR woes.


  • eProfile


In short, eProfile is an online platform whereby each employee creates and has their own profile accompanied by any important details and information. Keeping hardcopies or even separate documents of each employee’s details is confusing and can be disorganised. However, with eProfile, work-related information about everyone can be found easily. The integrated dashboard also is a good way to connect with each employee and can be used easily to delegate tasks and monitor progression. Furthermore, the independent onboarding process empowers employees and gives them autonomy over their own profiles. 

Many say communication is key for a productive workplace, and eProfile helps with just that. A built-in organisation chart showing the structure of your company means that employees can easily navigate this and find out who to best go to should they have any enquiries. Event reminders are also sent out for birthdays, anniversaries and new hires. Finally, the built-in workforce analytics generates statistics so that informed, data-driven decisions can be made. eProfile helps a company improve communication and can also help to orientate new employees at a much faster pace. JuzTalent not only increases employee independence and improves communication, it can also help your company make the best decisions possible for your company.


  • eClaim


Calculating budget claims manually can be a hassle and can also be prone to human calculation error. Furthermore, managing budget consumption can also be cause for massive headaches among HR Professionals. JuzTalent’s eClaim function contains an intuitive dashboard which tracks and updates you based on your budget consumption. Employees can also easily apply for claims online, which you can then track and update. The auto deduction function also ensures employees claims do not exceed claim limits. eClaim takes away the hassle of having to manually calculate, update and track employee claims. It also eliminates the chance of human error and ensures that all claims are taken care of in an accurate and timely manner.


  • eLeave


Its no secret, happy employees with ample leave time are productive employees. At the same time, it can be confusing for HR Professionals to coordinate and remember who is on leave. A manual, face-to-face application process can also be time-consuming and troublesome. eLeave allows HR to easily process, view and manage employees’ leave requests through a simple system. The eLeave system is integrated into the ePayroll system so that data related to the two can easily be imported or exported. It is also easily configured into the leave policies of any organisation. eLeave eases up the leave application process for employees. It also enables HR Professionals to easily sort, organise and process the leave applications in just the press of a button.


  • ePayroll


Managing payroll can be a complex task. Not only is it a hassle to calculate, staying up to date with the legal and tax obligations in a country can be a slippery slope as well. The ePayroll function provides fast, accurate and compliant payroll processing. It is also regularly updated to ensure that your company is compliant with all legislations or tax obligations. Both tax and income filing can easily be carried out. Itemised payslips are also available and can easily be customised based on the needs of your company. Payroll reports can also be generated, so as to easily manage the budget of your company. ePayroll processes accurate and compliant payroll and reports, so the time-consuming task of calculating payroll and updating based on legislations can be taken off your shoulders.


  • eTime


Managing work hours of each employee can be a headache for HR Professionals. eTime allows employees to clock-in through a face recognition function. eTime allows an easy way for employees to clock in and out of work. In addition, employee work hours can easily be tracked and scheduled. This takes away the trouble of HR having to manually calculate and schedule the work hours of each employee.


HR comes with its own set of troublesome and time-consuming tasks. Thankfully, JuzTalent has been designed to help ease a wide range of these. As such, JuzTalent is well-equipped and designed to benefit companies of any size and industry. 

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