JuzTalent 3.0 – eTime Solution

Hi everyone! With the introduction of JuzTalent 3.0, there are plenty of new features that are now available to our clients. As such, we would like to share the new features that each of our 5 modules (eProfile, eTime, eLeave, ePayroll and eTime) have. Today, we will be focusing on the exciting upgrades that we have made to eTime.

Geolocation and Selfie Tracking To Clock In and Out

In JuzTalent 3.0. You will be able to define where your employees can clock in and out to a particular location on the map. If your employees are outside within the designated location, they will be prompted to give a reason as to why they are not reporting at the right location. You will also be notified if such instances occur. Your employees must also take a selfie of themselves when clocking in to prevent people from clocking in for them. These new feature serve to prevent employees from falsified reporting.

Generation of Payroll

In JuzTalent 3.0, you will be able to see a detailed description of your employees payroll. The payroll will take into account the amount of pay that is additionally disbursed and multiplied due to OT work and work that is done on a public holiday. The payroll will be based on the clocking in and out of your employees on eTime, so there are no additional calculations that you have to manually do. This way, you will be able to have a clear understanding and view of your employees’ pay.

Correct Multipliers

In the new eTime, we have updated and localised the statutory contributions for each and every ASEAN country. As such, you need not have to worry about staying legally compliant as our system will be able to calculate complex overtime pay according to local regulations.


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