Webinar Series 3 Indonesia: Here's What You Missed

The Indonesian addition of our interactive webinar included AYP Group CEO and Founder Ms. Annie Yap, and Vice President of Group HR at EMTEK Group, Mr. Pieter Andrian. In this webinar, they will expand on how they have successfully digitalized their businesses, transformed their business processes, supported their employees and sustained business continuity during the lock down period while adapting to the changing business dynamics amidst the COVID19 pandemic.

Pieter Andrian built up his career at one of the most prominent plantation companies in Indonesia PT PP London Sumatra, Tbk as Senior Manager in Human Capital Development. He then further expanded as the Head of Organization Development & Strategic Management. He was the Director of STIRTA Group, and is currently the Vice President of Group HR at EMTEK Group.

  1. When COVID happened, how did your company respond to the situation?

Should be the same with others, but maybe we responded a bit earlier than the other companies.

  1. Which stage of the reopening is your country now at and what is your company’s position and direction moving forward? What are some practices adopted to help with employees’ transitioning back into offices? How is your government supporting businesses? e.g. grants?

Our Government has been quite helpful, they support the employees with relatively lower income (at around minimum wages) with tax cut and cash support from the social securities (BPJS)

  1. What are some new business practices (BCP) being adopted since the pandemic? How have these changes affected the way businesses are run?

We are now running with the BCP assumptions rather than the normal budget planned before COVID, of course we are in cautious mode

  1. There is a misconception that working in an office is more productive than working from home. Based on the past experiences, what are your thoughts? What are some metrics/ways being used to measure productivity?

We have practiced WFH before, however not in every division, right now we just copy paste it to other division

  1. What are some ways in which you are supporting your employees as they WFH? Do you think such working arrangements are sustainable?

We are supporting them with guidance and policies to support WFH and to some extent it will be sustainable

  1. How do you foresee the future of work and the new normal? What are the skills sets needed to ensure preparedness and adaptability of employees?

This kind of situation will be sustainable so the new skills sets needed is Agility, Adaptability, Willingness To Learn and Solving Complex Problem

  1. How have you been able to cope with the need to digitalize your business processes? What are some ways to ensure the security of information/data?

We have been digitalizing our business process before COVID, right now is only accelerated. Of course Information & Data Security are part of the Business Process Design

  1. With regard to employees’ preferences to WFH/in the office, what are your opinions or thoughts on this?

No Problem, HR have to work harder to make sure every work measurements are relevant to the Business Needs

  1. How do you continue to maintain your company culture in light of these changes?

One of our Company Values is Agile, other than Humble & Embrace Changes, so our Values is tested and being more solid triggered by this Pandemic

  1. What is the most important advice for businesses reopening during such a pandemic?

Please Obey the Health Protocol and make them your new habits!

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