Webinar Series 1: Payroll Journey-Indonesia

In the month of May, AYP organised our first series of webinars which were centred around payroll regulations in various countries around the ASEAN Region. This included rules and regulations, statutory contributions and how JuzTalent can help companies in the various ASEAN regions with processing and organising their payrolls. This webinar series was hosted by experienced in-house AYP staff, who have extensive experience and knowledge in the payroll process. If you’ve missed out on this webinar but would like to find out more, then read on and be sure to be on the lookout for our other upcoming webinars.

The Guest Speaker for Indonesia’s addition of the seminar is none other than Feiby Stella. Feiby is the country head of AYP Indonesia and has led her team for over ten years, in the fields of payroll, compensation and benefits.

Rules & Regulations: The rules and regulations of payroll in Malaysia are based on the Manpower Act 13 of 2003, the Decree of Minister of Manpower & Transmigration No.17 of 2005 on Living Needs Components and finally, on the Decree of Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No.102/MEN/VI/2004 on Overtime hours and Overtime pay.

The total annual salary in Indonesia is paid 13 times, which includes 12 months and an additional month’s pay for Hari Raya or Festive Allowance.


Payroll Cycle & Process: Indonesia’s payroll cycle consists of five stages. Namely, instruction, upload, process, report and statutory contribution payment and report. This process is taken care of by JuzTalent, where clients can send in their payroll instructions to the AYP Team, who then processes the payment and proofreads it before sending it back to the clients. As a client, you will receive your payroll within two working days.

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