New Value-added JuzTalent's Technology Partner

New Value-added Technology Partner, ServiceDott
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We are pleased to introduce to you our new value-added Technology Partner, ServiceDott which provides Recruitment System!

ServiceDott is well known for helping businesses automate various activities associated with the recruitment and hiring process. More than 160 customers make use of their Cloud-based and applicant tracking system named DM Recruit to reduce the laborious Hiring and Talent acquisition needs.

Automated Selection to Hiring with DM Recruit
It is an intelligent and powerful cloud-based Talent Management Tool. It merges applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) together in a single platform. Not only does DM Recruit streamline job creation, advertisement and publishing, it also resolves the challenges of Candidate resume capture, Filtering, Interviewing and Hiring. In short, DM Recruit is a recruitment system that tracks, measures and streamlines the stages of a recruitment process effectively by saving 60 to 80% time compared to manual filtering and selection. 

Employees Self-Service Functions with JuzTalent
On average, a manual on-boarding process takes up about 11 hours in a week however using an HRMS software with automated on-boarding can speed things up by as much as 50% thanks to time-saving features like on-boarding checklists and reminders. Also, employees can easily apply leave, claims and view payslip. 

Solutions that Complement and Value-Add
The digitization of such systems means that JuzTalent and DM Recruit complement and add value to one another – streamlining and automating your HR process from start till end. Doing so can save everyone in your organization, especially your HR team, plenty of time and money. This complete HR Ecosystem will add value, convenience and efficiency to your organisation. Why not give it a shot?

To find out more on Recruitment System, visit their website at email them at


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