BPJS Setting 2020 | Penyesuain Iuran JKN KIS | JuzTalent Indonesia

BPJS Setting 2020 | Penyesuain Iuran JKN KIS | JuzTalent Indonesia

The contribution rate managed by BPJS Health (BPJS Kesehatan) will increase next year in 2020 in the new presidential regulation.

As effective on 1 January 2020, the maximum wage limit used for the basis of calculating contributions for participants receiving business entity contributions is raise from Rp. 8 million to Rp. 12 million. The percentage of fixed fees is 5%, consisting of 4% wage earners and 1% of workers.

What is BPJS?

BPJS stands for Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (Social Insurance Administration Organization). BPJS administers the Indonesian national health insurance Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional or JKN for short.

Individual participation is mandatory for all Indonesian residents, including expats on ITAS/P by January 2019. Meanwhile, employers must enroll their employees by January 2016. Expat employees who are working at least 6 months (and their dependent family members) must be registered by their employees. BPJS Kesehatan currently covers about 83 percent of Indonesia’s 265 million people.

JuzTalent Indonesia is one of the few HR and payroll solutions that is always updated and compliance with ever-changing Indonesia’s laws. Organizations that use JuzTalent do not have to schedule a call with our engineers to have their solution updated. The updates can be either be done on our end or done by your side. Below are the steps in implementing the new BPJS setting in JuzTalent ePayroll:

Step 1: SIGN IN

– Sign in to http://epayroll.juztalent.com and sign in
– Once signed in, click in to “Rate Setting”


– Under “Rate Setting” navigates to “BPJS Setting”
– Click the “+” sign to add a new regulation setting
– Type the title of the new regulation (e.g. JAN 2020 BPJS Setting)
– Choose the effective date and click save
– The list will automatically be shown at the bottom of the [age
– Click on the green bookmark sign to manage the setting
– Complete all the contribution along with the max wage
– Fill the contribution one by one and click “save” before proceeding to next title

Step 3: NOTES

– Remember to fill up the age for relief condition
– Click save

AND YOU ARE DONE! It takes only 10 minutes to add in this new BPJS setting and have it enabled to all employees/users.

BPJS Setting 2020 | Penyesuain Iuran JKN KIS | JuzTalent Indonesia

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