HR Technology: Worth the Price?

Technology is present in everyday life, and has reached a point where it is nearly indispensable at work as well. By now, you are probably well-versed in the many purposes and perks of HR technology. While HR Technology is becoming increasingly common in many workplaces, there are still some who think that utilising such software is unnecessary or pricey. Many struggle to decide whether HR Technology is worth the price or not. Wondering whether HR Technology is an area worth exploring for your organisation? Look no further.


What is HR Technology?

Before we delve deeper into the topic of HR Technology, it’s crucial to understand exactly what we are going to be discussing here. HR technology is essentially a system which adds ease to day-to-day HR tasks that need to be done. This includes payroll, employee welfare and taxes. HR Technology can add plenty of productivity to daily HR Processes, let’s find out how:

  • Streamlined Onboarding

The onboarding process for new employees can seem like a chore. When done manually, it may be confusing for the employee being onboarded. However, the onboarding process is an employee’s first impression of a company and what working in it will be like. Furthermore, it can be an indicator of how much a company cares for its employees’ wellbeing. Clearly, it is no secret that the onboarding process can be a big determining factor as to whether or not an employee decides to stay long-term. A good onboarding process can greatly reduce the time taken to perform the onboarding task, as well as increases the efficiency and comprehensiveness of doing so. A major perk of engaging HR Technology is that it streamlines your onboarding process. HR Software functions such as eProfile enables new employees to create their own profiles on the platform, and view that of other employees. This is an efficient way to get them acquainted with other employees and familiarise themselves with the company. HR Technology provides comprehensive and quick onboarding processes, so you have more time to welcome your new employee and get them settled in.

  • Convenient Access to HR Documents

HR Technology provides you with convenient access to multiple HR-Related documents. An integrated HR system allows you to view essential, important information with just the click of a button. Especially with larger companies, data can be hard to organise and keep tabs on when it is recorded on paper. This can lead to disorganisation, confusion and of course, a whole lot of trouble should any crucial documents be misplaced or go missing. HR Systems allow you access to plenty of crucial information in a matter of seconds. Especially with remote work becoming a part of many companies’ work process. Important data such as timesheets and payroll reports can easily be accessed online regardless of whether one is working at home, or from the office.

HR Systems such as JuzTalent have multiple functions for multiple aspects of HR. For example, the ePayroll function easily allows access to payroll reports and data. The eProfile function allows access to information about employees within the organisation, so one knows who to ask should they need any help. Finally, the eClaim and eLeave functions allow one to easily apply for and keep tabs on claims and leaves that have been applied for, and what has been approved so far. HR Technology provides you with plenty of data and information at your fingertips, and that your documents are stored in a safe and secure manner.

  • Time and Cost-Saving

Many say that time is money, and that is true in many ways. Many time-consuming manual processes such as payroll and timesheet calculations can be automated using HR technology. The time you would generally spend on these tasks are hence greatly shortened and can be done with just the click of a few buttons. The time you would usually spend on these tasks can then be used on more productive and important work. An integrated system also streamlines workflow and can allow for a smoother work process for employees. This saves you plenty of miscommunication and disorganisation and in turn, boosts your overall workplace productivity.


HR Technology has countless perks. From saving time and increasing productivity to boosting accessibility, it is no surprise that HR Technology is taking the workforce by storm. Our JuzTalent system allows for an integrated and comprehensive HR experience, which saves plenty of time and allows your employees to focus on the core purpose of your business. In order to decide whether or not HR Technology is worth the cost for your business, you have to first work out which areas of HR are lacking and how HR Technology can improve these areas.

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