Digital Transformation of HR: How to Get Started

We now live in a digital age. It’s really no surprise that technology has transformed our lifestyles and of course, the workplace. This has drastically changed the way many tasks are carried out. Gone are the days when manual filing and paperwork were the way of doing things. As technology transforms the workplace, the Human Resources industry is quickly picking up on this, and HR technology is quickly becoming a norm. The digital transformation of HR should not affect HR alone, but rather, the organisation as a whole in order to be successful. For many, this may be daunting as change happens so rapidly. If you find yourself asking where or how to get started, look no further. Here, we have compiled a list of ways in which HR professionals can get their first steps started in the digital transformation journey. 

  • Establish Clear, Concise Goals

Transforming HR will affect the way that an organisation functions. Needless to say, this is a big step for organisations to take and clear, concise goals are necessary. The goals should make sense from a business perspective, and should also take into account any troubles that employees may face along the way. A clearly defined goal should cover all departments within the organisation, and take into consideration any hiccups that may occur along the way. Of course, they also should focus on what type of outcome the organisation hopes to achieve and angle their goals towards these. 

  • Include Employees

At the heart of HR, would be the employees. This means ensuring that employees are all fully onboard and integrated into the digital transformation. During the process, the focus should be on the employees as end-users. This means that HR professionals would want their employees to be fully satisfied and comfortable with the software and systems that they will be required to use during the transformation. Let employees test out any new software or technology and get their feedback on these before making the decision to implement it. The digital transformation of an organisation’s HR system will affect all members of the organisation, so it is important to ensure that they feel included.

  • Assess Results

Of course, digital transformation won’t happen overnight. However, over time, there should be changes in areas such as productivity, or employee performance. Implementing a digital transformation system would be pointless if results are not seen or measured. By figuring out what works and what doesn’t, the organisation will be able to assess how to best work towards more effective, all-rounded digital transformation. 

The digital transformation of HR is happening all around us, even as you read this article. It is an inevitable part of the digitisation of the workforce and no HR department of any organisation can afford to be left behind. JuzTalent specialises in HR Software that helps with all of your HR needs. On top of that, it is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. Want to know more about how JuzTalent can help digitally transform your workplace? Drop us a question at [email protected]

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