How HR Software Helps Improve Retention Rates

A high turnover rate is a common pain-point for many companies. In this current economy, competing for the best talents and retaining them as employees can prove to be a challenge for many. Replacing employees is hard and disrupts workflow. On top of that, it can cost both precious time and money to refill the employee’s position. Of course, most companies are already aware of the importance of a low turnover rate. The important question however, is how does one ensure this? HR Professionals need to figure out what common pain points at their company are, and figure out the best ways to remedy these. Companies need more efficient ways to engage and compensate employees, and HR Software provides them with exactly this. Leading HR Software tools can help with this in a variety of ways and today, we will be discussing how HR Software can help companies reduce their turnover rates. 


Streamlined Onboarding

First impressions count, and an employee’s first day can often be a deciding factor about whether or not they want to stay in a company long-term. From the get-go, employees should feel like they are welcomed, and the onboarding process is a key step in this process. An effective, streamlined and comprehensive onboarding process must be implemented in order to make a good first impression, and to help new employees settle in as quickly as possible. It ensures that new employees are well acquainted with the company culture, and the role they play within the organisation. Furthermore, an efficient onboarding system ensures that employees settle in quickly and feel a sense of belonging. All in all, this can be a big determining factor of whether or not employees are staying in a company long-term. A good HR Software system can streamline the onboarding process, and make it quick and simple. A seamless onboarding system also leaves new employees with plenty of time to get acquainted with their new colleagues. 


Efficient Employee Experience Portals

Nothing annoys employees more than troublesome, old-fashioned methods of applying for leave, claims, payroll processing and other basic HR matters. Having to dig through large files of documents is awful, but so is using a slow system which lags and takes ages to process employee requests. All of this can slow down work processes, disrupt workflow and ultimately frustrate employees. Implementing an easy-to-use and efficient employee portal which is accessible on any device will greatly improve the employee experience in this aspect. It will greatly alleviate employee pain-points and improve the speed at which such tasks are carried out. This improves employee satisfaction and increases the speed at which they carry out such tasks. A greater level of employee satisfaction achieved by a convenient employee portal system will improve employee retention rates and productivity.  

Employee Appraisals

Employees often appreciate having constructive guidance in their work. Having a system to measure employee performance and reward them accordingly is part of having a solid employee welfare system. Measuring progress and productivity of employees and appraising them for their performance not only gives them a sense of purpose and direction, it shows that their employers care. Today’s HR Software systems easily keep records of employee progress. This in turn helps HR Professionals and management make more informed decisions based on these. This way, regular and well-structured employee appraisals can easily be implemented. In turn, this motivates employees in their abilities to perform, and shows them where they can strive to do better as well.


Want to Improve Your Retention Rates?

Employees today want employers to value them and their working experience. Feeling appreciated and having a sense of purpose and belonging in a company are big determining factors to how many employees will stay or leave. Thankfully, advanced HR Technology can help you with a lot of this. JuzTalent provides advanced HR Software which not only helps you make decisions, but eases up and improves the overall employee experience.

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