How HR Has Evolved With Technology

Technology has changed many aspects of both our personal and professional lives. Human Resources (HR) is no exception to these changes. Advances in technology have changed the way many HR functions are carried out and implemented. When utilised properly, technology can greatly add convenience to HR functions as well as boost efficiency levels. Advancements in technology can be hard to keep up with, but in this day and age, it is important to be in the know. With that being said, here are three different ways HR has evolved along with technology.

  • Ease in Accessing Performance Data

Performance management has always been a time-consuming job for HR Teams. Advances in technology have allowed more efficient and accurate analysis to be carried out on employee data. What used to be a tedious process can now be done in a few clicks. Companies have different criterions by which employee performance is measured.  The use of HR Technology now allows employee data to be easily extracted and compared. This allows for employee performance to be more easily analysed and monitored by HR Teams. Advanced HR Technology has made the task of analysing employee performance data much easier, as the data is now easily accessed and compared. With the amount of time needed to extract data greatly reduced, more time can be spent on making comparisons and preparing employee appraisals. The ease by which performance and employee data can be accessed has greatly contributed to the convenience and efficiency of performance appraisals and reports.

  • Improved Communication

Digitally enhanced communication tools have made it easier for employees and the HR Team to communicate with one another. For example, employees can easily apply for leave and claims through advanced online HR Systems. In turn, HR Teams can view these requests and accept or reject them as deemed fit. This increases the level of employee engagement while also reducing confusion or disorganisation.  As employee engagement is an important factor in employee retention, this is definitely a plus-point. At the same time, advanced technology has allowed for improved communication in a non-intrusive manner. Furthermore, many advanced HR Technology systems also enable employee feedback, which is then easily compiled and analysed. Based on this feedback, companies can then decide what improvements can be made, if any, to improve the employee experience. Advances in HR Technology allows for better communication between employees and the HR Team.

  • A Better Onboarding Experience

A good onboarding experience is essential in retaining employees. This is the first impression that they have while working in your company, and you definitely want it to be a good one. Advanced technology has allowed many HR Teams to take the onboarding process online. Not only does this allow for autonomy for the new employee, it also allows more time for them to engage with other employees and immerse themselves in the work culture. Advanced technology has allowed for a more independence and fast onboarding experience. A positive onboarding experience ensures that a company is able to attract and retain talent, and advanced HR Technology can help you with just that.

Clearly, technology has changed the way HR functions. It has improved the efficiency of daily HR Functions, and has helped organisations greatly in terms of productivity and decision making. No doubt, technology will continue to evolve and advance, taking HR along for a journey with it.

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