Our customer success team will send you a reminder via email 60 and 30 days before the renewal takes place.

All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollar or United States Dollar unless otherwise stated.

The invoice validity sets 30 days for the due date automatically.

In the situation, if the payment has not been received after 30 days, JuzTalent reserves the right to freeze your company’s JuzTalent account until payment has been made.

By default, JuzTalent subscription is a one year contract.


There is no limit.

eClaim currently has 21 countries currency for selection

Claim Currency

Yes, the respective supervisor(s) will receive an email notification 2 days after the claim has been submitted by the employee. Email notifications will be sent out several times in a month if no action has been taken by the supervisor.

1. Direct payment
Payment is excluded from the monthly payroll payout. Companies may independently set the dates of reimbursement based on the company’s modus operandi.

2. Payroll
Payment can be added into the monthly payroll for processing.


By default, the policy can either be based on calendar days, prorated by calendar months or by daily or monthly attendance. It depends on your company’s modus operandi.

1. Leave Report
2. Leave Balance Report
3. Entitlement Report
4. No Pay Leave Report
5. Adjustment Report

JuzTalent has an Annual Leave Calculator (ALC) to let you see how many annual leaves you have by choosing the date period.

The notification will only appear on your calendar if you and your peers are reporting to the same supervisor. It also depends on the privacy setting that was set for the users.


The form is filled up when you download it from the system.

1. CPF Report
2. CPF Return Report
3. Total Payout Report
4. Employee Report
5. Detail Report
6. GL Report
7. Journal Report
8. Pay History Report
9. Variance Report
10. Checking Report

Yes, you can add your own custom salary type under “Salary Item Type”.

Yes, you can add your company’s logo in the payslip. You can also opt in to reflect it in the reimbursement slip, balanced leave(s) and other itemized items.

Contribution rates from 1 January 2016 for private sector and public sector non-pensionable employees being:
. Singapore Citizen
. SPR from the third year of obtaining SPR status
. SPR during the first two years of obtaining SPR status but who has jointly applied with employer to contribute at full employer-full employee rates

For more information, you can visit

ePayroll Philippines

You can compute your 13th-month pay by multiplying your basic monthly salary to the number of months you have worked for the entire year, then dividing the result to 12 months.


Your company’s assets are invaluable. eProfile allows you to keep a record of what each of your employees is assigned to (e.g. Laptop model, Monitor screen).

JuzTalent allows new employees to go through self-onboarding by completing through the list in “My Tasks” set by HR admin. This leads to the collection of their information in a fast and efficient way.

JuzTalent eProfile My Tasks

Users are able to upload documents onto the JuzTalent eProfile and share it across teams and organisations.

Our employees’ directory brings your company directory to life by ensuring up-to-date profile information (job position, email address, contact number). It improves engagement and unlocks opportunities for greater personalisation.


You can simply tick which employees to be deployed for the shift through the list. Employees will be able to view their shifts for the month through the eTime calendar.

1. Clocking report
2. Duty roster report

Yes, JuzTalent’s eTime automatically computes and factors in overtime pay into the system.

Yes, public holidays will be automatically reflected in the system and the dates will be aligned with whichever country your company operates in. You can also add in your own dates for specific festivals/celebrations such as company-wide events.

JuzTalent’s eTime utilizes cutting-edge technology where all employees clock in and out with a selfie together with geo-location tagging. This is to prevent any manipulation of the clocking timings.

New Users

The first day of a new quarter. That way, you’ll minimize the need for historical payroll data and speed up the implementation process.

The reports are downloadable in PDF, Excel or CSV format.

JuzTalent’s IOS and Android applications will be launched in 2020. Modules that will be available are eTime and ePayroll.

eTime will be available for all countries due to the advanced technology of geo-fencing. Employees will no longer be restricted to 1 location to clock in and out.

ePayroll will only be available for usage in the Philippines. We are working hard to include other countries as soon as we can.

JuzTalent resides on Cloud as it is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. The amount that you pay includes on-going updates that may bring new features for the modules that you are subscribed to.

Yes, we have a team of customer success to help you onboard your entire company’s HR database into JuzTalent within 2 months.

Our HR Management Solution is widely adopted and available across Southeast Asia countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong.


Data encryption is utilised to protect sensitive data such as bank account and identification numbers. Multi-factor authentication and advanced session management are additional features that we have included to ensure to uphold security and protection of personal data.

JuzTalent will undergo a penetration test every 6 months to identify any potential security weaknesses. This ensures that our customers are well protected against security threats.

Admins can restrict certain information from being accessed by certain profiles.

Your information will never be sold or traded. We understand the value of privacy and security. As such, we have adopted industry-standard security methods to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure from prying hands.


JuzTalent’s reporting and approval are designed based on operations workflow and not on a grading scheme.

We do not allow customisations. However, we do allow users to configure certain features for their ease of use.

All 5 of our modules are integrated seamlessly within one system for efficiency.

Yes. We are able to give a bird’s-eye view of your users, claims, payroll and benefits even though they operate in different entities.