How do I allocate shifts?

You can simply tick which employees to be deployed for the shift through the list. Employees will be able to view their shifts for the month through the eTime calendar.

Will the system calculate my employees’ overtime hours for me?

Yes, JuzTalent’s eTime automatically computes and factors in overtime pay into the system.

Will JuzTalent reflect public holidays on the system? If my company has its own event, can I add it into the system?

Yes, public holidays will be automatically reflected in the system and the dates will be aligned with whichever country your company operates in. You can also add in your own dates for specific festivals/celebrations such as company-wide events.

How does JuzTalent’s eTime work?

JuzTalent’s eTime utilizes cutting-edge technology where all employees clock in and out with a selfie together with geo-location tagging. This is to prevent any manipulation of the clocking timings.

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