Can I generate an IR8A form from the system?

The form is filled up when you download it from the system.

What are the available reports in ePayroll?

1. CPF Report 2. CPF Return Report 3. Total Payout Report 4. Employee Report 5. Detail Report 6. GL Report 7. Journal Report 8. Pay History Report 9. Variance Report 10. Checking Report

Can I create my own custom salary type?

Yes, you can add your own custom salary type under “Salary Item Type”.

Can I add my company’s logo in the payslip?

Yes, you can add your company’s logo in the payslip. You can also opt in to reflect it in the reimbursement slip, balanced leave(s) and other itemized items.

What is the current CPF contribution rates?

Contribution rates from 1 January 2016 for private sector and public sector non-pensionable employees being: . Singapore Citizen . SPR from the third year of obtaining SPR status . SPR during the first two years of obtaining SPR status but who has jointly applied with employer to contribute at full employer-full employee rates For more

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