Eco Friendly Employee P-file

Instead of relying on thick stacks of files, you can choose to store your key information digitally. Documents will be just as organized and you can save on printing too.

Employee Self Onboarding

New employees can now complete onboarding tasks online and get accustomed quickly with team introduction and welcome emails. Goodbye boring old procedures and hello seamless onboarding!


Track and manage assets

Your company’s assets are invaluable. eProfile allows you to keep a record of the employees for which they’re assigned to and maximise them to the fullest.

Workforce Analytics

Collaboration is easy when you upload files and work on them together with colleagues from other departments through a shared drive. Say hi to more efficient work management.

User Drive

Upload documents onto eProfile and get it shared. Provide electronic storage space for authorised users. File sharing can be shared with just one person, a whole department or even the whole company.

Event Reminder

Birthdays and anniversaries of your employees are monumental occasions. Announce the company’s important events and celebrate together!


Our user-friendly design allows you to navigate around the system easily

No Installation

Setting up is effortless and straightforward. Neither downloads nor complex set-ups are required. A few minutes and you’re ready to go!


Our software is mobile-optimized, so you can access eProfile through your smartphone anytime anywhere.

Exceptional Committed Support

If you face any challenges or require any assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We’re with you every step of the way.


Workforce Analytics

Eco-friendly Employee P-file

Employee Self-onboarding

User Drive Storage

Asset Management

Event Reminder

Customer Support

Customised Report

User Bulk Upload

Custom User Roles

Organization Chart

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eProfile - How it works

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