Your company will have different leave benefits from the next. Just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest.

Customisable Leave

a. Caters to all policies accordingly such as different types of leave policies (earned base & full entitlement)
b. Flexible leave allocation method
c. Entitlement grade policy – determine the leave entitlement policy of your company

Specify Leave Approval Workflow

Allows you to set reporting managers for different employees and the different approval workflows for departments

Streamline approval procedures

Applying and approving (or rejecting) leave can be done with just a few clicks. Email notifications will be sent when there’s any status update so you will always stay up-to-date.


Everyone wants their leave to be approved quickly

Automatic Calculation of Leave

eLeave keeps track of your employees’ leave balance and automatically deducts whenever someone takes leave, so you won’t have to spend hours manually calculating them yourself.

Easy Approval

Emails are sent to reporting managers automatically for approving purposes


An emergency situation may pop up, or perhaps you’re simply not in the office. eLeave allows you to apply or approve leave on the go.


Precise overview of all your leave details

Leave Calendar

We have a clear calendar which shows the employees who are on leave, as well as public holidays and other non-working days, so you can plan in advance.


An easy-to-generate leave report shows a complete record of your employees’ leave history so you can reference it whenever you need to.


Supporting Documents Submission

Department Leave Approval Workflow

Support Hourly Leave

Auto Leave Carried Forward Calculation

Auto Calculation of Prorated Leave

Childcare Leave

Multi-country Support

Email Reminder Alerts

Multi-country Specific Holidays Calendar

Support External Calendar

Leave integrated with payroll

Leave Report

Leave Balance Report

No Pay Leave Report

Leave Adjustment Report

Annual Leave Calculator

Not sure if we can cater to your company needs ?

eLeave - How it works

Only a few steps for your eLeave generation! This is as easy as it gets

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