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Why you should adopt a cloud-based system


With the outbreak of COVID-19, firms and companies are increasingly turning towards SaaS to host key business processes to avoid disruptions. Software-as-a Service (Saas) refers to a process where a third-party service provider hosts and provides solutions to customers through the internet. With reduced downtime and increased accessibility, it is easy to understand why companies are making the switch. In this regard, we will be exploring the benefits of a cloud-based SaaS and why you, too, should make the switch.  


No Disruptions, No Worry

With effect from 4/07/2020, all companies —less essential services— are required to have their employees work from home. With a scattered workforce, on-premise solutions are not feasible due to their inherent need for personnel to be onsite for matters ranging from maintenance to managing HR processes. As such, using a cloud-based SaaS is more important than ever to avoid disruptions to your business processes due to current restrictions on movement.


Less Downtime, More You Time

We manage and maintain our servers so that you can focus on the things that matter most. Our highly-skilled operators will ensure that the servers are kept running smoothly with minimal downtime so that you can access the software anytime, anywhere.


Operate HR Processes Remotely

Gone are the days when you have to be in the office to disburse payroll for your employees. With a cloud-based SaaS, you can manage and view payroll, attendance records, clock-in and out timings, and profiles of your employees all at your fingertips as long as you have access to the internet.


Get Your Money’s Worth

On-premise solutions are usually extremely costly due to the man-hours required to maintain, operate and update it. With a pay-per-user billing system coupled with a complete suite of solutions that are available to you, JuzTalent gives more flexibility and bang for your buck.


Everyone Gets a Cut of the Pie

As JuzTalent is paid on a per-user basis, that means everyone will get a personalized account to view and manage their respective accounts. With a personalized account, your employees will feel valued and appreciated. Why share a cut when you can get one all to yourself?


Should I Make the Switch?

If you want a system that is cutting-edge, has a lower downtime, is configurable, makes your employees feel valued, has a swift customer response time, operates wherever and whenever, is more bang for your buck and more, why not try us, JuzTalent?


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