Client Information

  • Date of Onboarding: April 2020
  • Industry: Apparel and Textile Manufacturer
  • Company Size: 500
  • Solutions Deployed: JuzTalent and POM service

A trusted business partner for over 30 years, our client is a home-grown, vertically integrated apparel manufacturer with an extensive business network in Asia comprising of factories in Cambodia and China. Besides this, they have manufacturing partners in Indonesia, Vietnam and India. 

They would like a one-stop HR platform to manage all HR implementations in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Cambodia. Employees were cross-reporting from various countries. Namely, looking for claim and leave modules as most of their employees in other country were operators. Furthermore, they were unfamiliar with Vietnam payroll and were looking to outsource for help. All of this resulted in poor communication and disorganization, which in turn resulted in confusion and stunted productivity. 

We recommended our client to subscribe to our HR & Payroll Solutions, JuzTalent. Why? Because it is a one-stop solution where all countries payroll, administrative and workforce could be seen from one platform. A bird’s eye-view! Other than that, subscribe to our Payroll Outsourcing Management (POM) service as there is no internal payroll team over at Vietnam. 

Overall, JuzTalent added convenience, as managers are able to approve claim and leave through email instead of logging in and out of the portal. Our reliable and efficient customer support also answered any questions they had. This also boosted their productivity, and they could focus on their business.  

As a result, client’s speed of data accessibility increased tremendously and report accuracy increased by 80%. Our eClaim and eLeave functions decreased any claim or leave issues by 85%.