JuzTalent December News Release 2019 – eClaim and PhilHealth


1. Able to select the corresponding cost center when applying claim
Users are now able to select the claim is what purposes and to be allocated to which cost center. The main use of the cost center is to track actual expenses for comparison to budget. The manager for a cost center is only responsible for keeping costs in line with budget and does not bear any responsibility regarding revenue or investment decisions.

2. Photos attachment will now be shown as a link instead of attachment
Before that, if the email exceeds 10 megabytes, the email is not able to be sent to the approver for approval or rejection due to the big file size.
With the new change in eClaim, users are now able to download or view the claim documents via the JuzTalent portal instead of email. No more worries on email unsuccessful delivery!

3. GL Report has been renamed to GL/Cost Center Report and also the functionality to reflect both GL and Cost Center

1. New PhilHeath rate
The new premium schedule takes effect on December 7, 2019, or 15 days after the publication of it’s Circular 2019-0009. Its application for employed members will be for the applicable month of December 2019 (which is payable on January 2020). Meanwhile, the rest of Direct Contributors may still avail of the existing rate of P2,400/year (or P3,600/year for those earning more than P25,000 per month) for a maximum of three years until December 6, 2019, only. Starting December 7, 2019, the new rate shall apply to all Direct Contributory members using the following schedule.

You may visit https://www.philhealth.gov.ph/news/2019/new_contri.php for more details explanations of PhilHealth.

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