5 Advantages Of Web-based HR Automation

5 Advantages Of Web-based HR Automation

Human resource automation (or HR automation) is an intersection between the human resource (HR) management and information. This refers to the transitional process of paper-based HR activities into a streamlined, computer-based and usually web-based information management system.

HR automation and self-service

Self-service is a crucial concept in HR automation. For business owners and managers, having a self-serviced HR processing enables them to facilitate HR-related operations, such as managing personal data of employees, defining or adjusting salary and rate changes, etc. Under the HR automation, managerial staffs can also track a variety of employee attributes in the most convenient and efficient way, including pay levels, performance, and attendances. For employees, self-service processing allows them to update their personal details, apply for leave, view payslips, make claims and perform other HR-related requests directly from their digital devices.

Reasons to automate HR functions

  1. Improving HR productivity

HR automation can significantly accelerate HR processing and productivity. For example, as an HR automation provider, JuzTalent provides web-based solutions for day-to-day HR tasks. Furthermore, depending to the size and requirements of business needs, companies may customize solution packages accordingly that will benefit employers in various ways from minimizing manual payroll calculations to complying with government policies by generating MOM itemized payslips, to simplifying leave management, updating employees’ personal details, etc. Therefore, HR automation enables HR staffs to significantly reduce the time spent on administrative work by a whopping 40 to 50 percent.

  1. Reducing cost of HR administrative processes

With HR automation, the cost of HR administrative processes can be reduced dramatically. Automating HR functions may greatly shift a company’s dependence on manpower. Policies adjustments will be easier as changes can be implemented quickly. Decisions and disseminations are efficiently streamlined through digital and web-based solutions instead of paperwork. With cloud data storage, employers can also gain massive cost-savings in data and machine maintenance.

  1. Encouraging insight-driven decision-making

HR automation enables insight-driven decision-making in enterprises. Consequently, managerial staffs may benefit from comprehensive and real-time employee statistics. Hence, they are better able to execute precise and timely judgments, decisions and operations.

  1. Avoiding security and privacy issues

Online and cloud-based HR processing is more secure and private. Potential human errors may be avoided, such as the loss of physical files and unauthorised access to confidential information.

  1. Freeing up your time to engage your employees

As a result of HR automation, HR staff will have more resources and will be better in focusing on the delivery of employee engagement and satisfaction, including to build employee retention and loyalty, to upgrade employee skill sets, to develop enterprise culture and others.

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