4 Dangers on Manual Payroll Processing & Its Solution

Manual payroll processing and its dangers

With the massive growth of information technology, software and apps have now come into scene and disrupt all business operations. As a result, payroll manual processing has now become an outdated process in modern business operations. The complacent notion of ‘being outdated is okay’, as held by many, is dangerously threatening businesses. Business owners just don’t realize […]

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The Top 5 HR Processes You Should Automate

Top 5 HR Processes you should automate

Behind every successful business is an effective Human Resource department. The following is a list of HR processes you should consider to automate, in order to accelerate your HR productivity. Self-Service Employee Profile Management Application With a self-service employee profile management system, you can create an optimal use of available human resources. It entails a high degree of […]

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