JuzTalent September News Release 2019

JuzTalent September News Release 2019 We are pleased to inform all JuzTalent clients and users that we have added 5 enhancements in our JuzTalent HRIS software. Also, the current bug has been taken into consideration and solved by the developer team. ENHANCEMENTS 1. Save Draft Function Added “Save as Draft” function in module eClaim. Provides […]

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JuzTalent and CoHive Speed Dating with Venture Capitals and Starts-ups

JuzTalent 1st Ever Event Held In Jakarta, Indonesia! JuzTalent is blessed to be invited by CoHive to set up a booth at their headquarter for their 2nd volume Speed Dating & Networking with Venture Capital and Start-up Interested Stakeholders. The event was held last Thursday, 19th September 2019 at CoHive 101 Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat […]

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Implementation of Employment Insurance System (EIS) in Malaysia

Implementation of EIS in Malaysia

In recent news, the Parliament of Malaysia has just passed the Employment Insurance System (EIS). As has been noted, Malaysia saw to a loss of more than 38,000 jobs, especially in the retail, manufacturing and quarrying sector in 2016. Being a trading nation, Malaysia is highly susceptible to disruptions in the global economic chain. Therefore, […]

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Changes to BIR & Tax Laws in the Philippines 2018

Changes in BIR and Tax Laws

New BIR Income Tax Rates and Income Tax Tables for 2018 A summary of the new income tax tables to be followed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). The higher-income bracket will be negatively impacted while low-to-middle income will largely benefit from the change in income tax rates. Income Tax Tables (Year 2018-2022) Gross […]

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Changes in Singapore’s Tax System 2018

Changes in Singapore’s 2018 Tax System 1. Personal Income Tax Relief Cap Singaporean government has announced that as of YA 2018, the total amount of personal income tax is subject to an annual relief cap of $80,000. This cap on personal income tax relief applies to the total amount of all income tax reliefs claimed, […]

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4 Dangers on Manual Payroll Processing & Its Solution

Manual payroll processing and its dangers

With the burgeoning growth of information technology, software and apps have now come into scene and pervade all business operations. As a result, payroll manual processing has now become an outdated process in modern business operations. ‘Being outdated is okay’. Held by many, this complacent notion dangerously threatens businesses. Business owners just don’t realise that this archaic method […]

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Time Management Software can be a company’s greatest asset

Time Management Software - Company's greatest asset

No amount of money is able to buy a company extra time in a day. All things considered, time is one of the most valuable yet scarcest resource in any company. From scheduling duty rosters to approving overtime, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Time Management Software helps companies employ the best use of their employees’ time. All in all, adopting such time-tracking […]

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eProfile for your organisation- Centralise HR tasks

Transform your organisation with E-HRM

Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition, and Employee Productivity. These are the 3 cornerstone metrics that HR should definitely examine. It is important to understand employees in order to get the most out of them. More importantly, it’s essential for the integration of various teams across departments and business functions in an organisation. Because people are the most […]

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