6 areas that companies may consider outsourcing to a third party

6 areas that companies may consider outsourcing to a third party Why outsource when you can do it in-house? We all understand that transitioning business processes to third parties seems frightening and unforeseen. However, outsourcing can bring big benefits to your business when your company is scaling bigger and better. The business case for outsourcing […]

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JuzTalent November News Release 2019

JuzTalent November News Release 2019 Technology or solutions will always require upgrades. Demand for new features, changes to government compliance and reporting, the desire for things to run faster and the determination to provide a better HR management solution to clients and users, that’s why JuzTalent needs constant upgrades. For this November month, there is […]

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JuzTalent won Gold in HRMASIA readers choice category “Best HR Tech – HR Information System”

At the Gala Night, the winners of the 17 categories for the HRMASIA Readers Choice Awards 2019 were announced and celebrated. Last Friday, 1st November 2019, the ballroom at Four Seasons Hotel was buzzing with anticipation and excitement, as 200 guests including the JuzTalent team, came together for the HRMASIA Readers Choice Awards 2019 Gala […]

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JuzTalent September News Release 2019

JuzTalent September News Release 2019 We are pleased to inform all JuzTalent clients and users that we have added 5 enhancements in our JuzTalent HRIS software. Also, the current bug has been taken into consideration and solved by the developer team. ENHANCEMENTS 1. Save Draft Function Added “Save as Draft” function in module eClaim. Provides […]

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Pelaksanaan sistem insurans Pekerjaan (EIS) di Malaysia

Implementation of EIS in Malaysia

Dalam berita semalam, Parlimen Malaysia hanya berlalu sistem insurans Pekerjaan (EIS). Seperti yang telah dinyatakan, Malaysia melihat dengan kerugian sebanyak lebih daripada 38.000 pekerjaan, terutama dalam peruncitan, pengilangan dan perkuarian sektor pada 2016. Sebagai sebuah negara perdagangan, Malaysia adalah sangat mudah terdedah kepada gangguan dalam rantaian ekonomi global. Oleh yang demikian, ini telah memulakan pembangunan […]

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Perubahan kepada Undang-Undang BIR & Cukai di Filipina 2018

Changes in BIR and Tax Laws

Kadar Cukai Pendapatan dan Cukai Pendapatan BIR Baru untuk 2018 Ringkasan jadual cukai pendapatan baru yang akan diikuti oleh Biro Perolehan Dalaman (BIR). Kurungan pendapatan tinggi akan memberi kesan negatif manakala pendapatan rendah ke pertengahan akan mendapat manfaat daripada perubahan dalam kadar cukai pendapatan. Income Tax Table (Year 2018-2022) Gross Income Per Year Income Tax […]

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