JuzTalent November News Release 2019

JuzTalent November News Release 2019

Technology or solutions will always require upgrades. Demand for new features, changes to government compliance and reporting, the desire for things to run faster and the determination to provide a better HR management solution to clients and users, that’s why JuzTalent needs constant upgrades.

For this November month, there is a total of 4 enhancements and 1 bug fix. Scroll down to view what they are.


1. Able to submit more than 1 claim with same/different claim types under 1 submission
Initially, there is only one claim box in which JuzTalent can only submit one claim type at a time. But for now, we have added the “ADD” button which allows users to add multiple claims at one go and have it submitted even if there are various claim types and requires different approvers. The system will base on the claim types and send it to the correct approvers through email for them to approve the claim.

2. Swift code is now being shown at the back of the individual bank name on eProfile, eClaim, and ePayroll module

3. Admin is able to choose which user(s) IRAS file to bulk download

4. eLeave module supports the custom setting of the financial year


eTime Overtime Request and Overtime Approval to reflect pages selection tool

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